Dealing days after BSc. Geology

I really wanted to write this since a long time. After we give final exams of our undergraduate course, most of us go blank on what to do next. You are not BSc passed out yet as you have no certificate in your hands. And most of the vacancies are for the “Experienced Geologist” or “BSc. passed out”. You must be feeling like you fit nowhere. Don’t worry , I too had the same feeling. Many of my juniors had asked me on utilizing their time before they enroll for Master Degree. I am not a Professional Geologist. May be I am not the right person to suggest for your next step. But I want to write what I feel out of my experiences.


Doing internship is one of the best options. You get to know how geology things are done. And, you will be excited to see the chapters you read in your classes being applied practically. But how to get internship? This seems challenging. It is true that mostly, we don’t see advertisement for internships. Despite this, you can at least make a try. Drop your CVs in related offices or working firms. You can write an email about yourself and your interest in working as an intern to the related people. If nothing comes out in your hand, you can visit the working sites. For an instance, we see a lot of drilling work going on these days. The best learning is when you yourself see the work process.

Learn Software Applications

We are in era of advanced technology. We sketched the maps/cross-sections in papers during our field work in BSc and plotted stereonets in tracing papers. This is how we learn the fundamentals of our work. But if you really want to upgrade yourself, I suggest you to learn applications like GIS or anything you feel like. You can even do programming things like MATLAB or Python. Now, it’s up to you on how you catch the track.

Somebody had asked me on taking GRE classes

Now this depends on your future plans. I personally cannot say if GRE is the best option to choose. You know, it is important to utilize your time and explore the things. If you intend to make abroad study, go with it. But remember, you must be best in what you do.

Live your passion

It is not bad idea to take guitar class either. If you don’t come across any of the above options, don’t think you are useless or you did mistake choosing the subject. Just talk to yourself and discover what you are passionate about. Life is not a race. Go with the flow. If you want to shape your dancing skill, take the classes. Or, if you think you need to sharp your vocal, make it done. You can also learn photography or swimming or driving if you want to.

I love painting and sketches but I am too bad in it. Ha-Ha! If you are into it, I really suggest you to practice sketching or painting. You will not regret for sure.

Do you love teaching?

I have always loved teaching. It is appreciable if you are teaching in school or taking tuition. We always learn new things by doing so. Also, it’s fun going for shopping once you get the salary.

They say free time makes you a writer

May be they are right. You need to try this once.

These are not only the options

This is what came out of my mind and experiences. There might be other good ways of bringing out best of your free time. I once again say, go with the flow.


Badal Pokharel

May 13, 2017

P.S. I am writing this as a student of MSc. Engineering Geology -Third Semester, not as a counselor.


  1. Mohan Shrestha

    Can’t we do any other things based on geology… In my thought Internship is the best but i dont have any idea on it. Can you please explore it more….
    #interested in GIS too

    1. Post
      Badal Pokharel

      Thank you for going through this. Yes, internship would be best. I think you need to take opinion from Professors as well. I would suggest you to learn GIS and develop some skills on it.

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