Dear Best Friend,

It has been years we have come along together. Do you try to look back to figure out the day we actually started being crazy for each other? I do. But I fail to find the exact date every time. With you, I have discovered myself a bit more than before. I have much confession to make. Some that pinched me and some that pinched you. This journey of pinching and being pinched is filled with love and affection.

I know it is difficult to bear me, my attitude, swinging mood and unbearable pranks. I know you won’t take it but I am so thankful to you for being there for me. I don’t know if I was there for you ever. But I will make sure of being there every time you are in need of me. There were times when I left you alone just because my ego drove me far away but as love always overshadows the anger, we got closer. Those talks of dreams and stories helped us move ahead. Those never ending talks emptied the countless cups of tea and they were a medium to share warmth of friendship. You know friendship grows with all of these small things, just like ours. And knowing your favorite and sharing mine was fun. It would help to gift you during your birthdays and there are still many more to gift.

But these days I am vacant. I am short of stories, music or anything to talk. I am dumb. May be that is why, we are silent most of times these days. They say the best talk is talk of silence. I don’t know if that’s true. You know, I don’t agree actually. Because I know silence most of the times kills the relation. No, I am not applying this to ours, I am scared. Do you remember those days when we chatted and called every day? And later we both started thinking it was childish to talk every day, we have other responsibilities and we are matured enough. It hits me hard, I feel liking jumping to those childish behavior. I know we are grown up now with these years and those things are not going to happen. You know, we have tried to understand each other enough and with each understanding we have stepped apart.

After some weeks or months we will not see each other every day. By then we will start getting into new company. I can understand, I will not be with you in your cover photo or profile picture. You will not be comfortable to share your stories with me. I will be very happy to see you growing and stalk your social site. Yes, I will feel sad but just for a reason. I will miss you badly as the memories will drive me crazily. I actually have already started missing you. But you cannot deny a fact; I will always be special for you. You will save the chapter of our friendship somewhere in your life.  By then I hope, I really hope that talk of silence is in fact the best way to keep the bond strong.

~With love,


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