I decided to deactivate my Facebook for a while. There was no any specific reason. No, I was not addicted to using it or  it was hacked. I was just curious to know how my 929 friends in Facebook would come across me when I had no Facebook. I know it is crazy. Well, the extremity to which we are consumed by Facebook is crazy. I wonder how we prefer chatting on Messenger despite being in the same room. We have started feeling uncomfortable to speak in person. We rarely express ourselves in person. We are in need of medium to express every time. I do agree in one way Facebook has brought us together in a small space, we share of innovations and discoveries. But aren’t we losing ourselves? Aren’t we hiding our identity, the real us?

In rush of presenting our personal lives~ what we watch~we read~ we do~we eat~where we travel~how we look, we have developed competitions and egos within ourselves. To my surprise, the closeness of a person is sometimes determined by the amount of comments and likes she/he does in our posts. And if she/he doesn’t the cold war begins. I doubt if the number of friends and the number of friends who actually like all of our posts has helped us to remain away from loneliness and frustrations. Don’t you feel amazed when a person with big number of friends posts about feeling lonely. You know, we put mask to show the other face of us in our Facebook posts.

Things are debatable. Facebook has helped us grow more advance and updated with the world but one this is for sure. The emotions that grow and occur naturally within us are being faded and replaced by virtual emojis.

P.S. No one actually come across me after I deactivated. So, don’t you think for friends “Facebook” is must? 😉

P.S.S. Yes, I too could make an attempt to approach my friends. 😀 


Badal Pokharel

June 12, 2016

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