You are mysterious though you seem to be smiling always. You know, the one who smiles the most are the one with the thousands and millions of hidden stories. I know there are my stories within you. And I am one of those stories. Aren’t I the most fortunate? I believe I am.

You have big dreams though you show you are too cool with your life. You aren’t. You have somewhere within you, the dreams of flying high. You know, why you don’t express these? Because you haven’t yet realized what you are.

Don’t you think after saying this all I should scribble what you are in my words…

~You are

Blessing of God straight from the heaven

With full of love and affections

That reflects in those mysterious eyes

That speaks with me whenever

They catch my eyes

You are full of dreams and aims

Of reaching that point where

You can see your mom smiling

Dad cheering for the colors you threw

All over those clouds floating above

You are reflection of my smile

As you show the bright lights

Of the true friendship

That glows in ups and downs

You are the dream of everyone who

Dwells in the unknown roads

To find the lost soul of friendship

They imagine to have



Dedicated to my best friend 🙂

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