Dream high :)
Dream high 🙂

Safina was playing keyboard when I entered the room.

“The tune begins with G major.” I winked.

“Dad, stop guessing. It is actually F minor.” Her smile was sarcastic.

Jenny left me when Safina was two years old. I and Safina have been growing with her poems and her memories.

Safina makes me remember of Jenny every time she plays keyboard. “Aadarsh, you are an ardent lover. You inspire me to write. I dream of having a daughter, just like you, who would give tunes to my words. You know music gives soul to words.” Jenny was full of dreams. She talked of dreams most of the times but she loved me beyond the extremity of love.

“Dad, is my tune serious?” Safina stopped playing.
“Keep playing Safina.” I wiped my eyes turning away from her. I continued. “What is the song?”

~I will float in the clouds one day
~I will reach beyond the horizon

That was the last poem of Jenny.

Safina was a sad girl few days ago. “Dad, please gift me a friend on my next birthday. I don’t have friends. I had few but they don’t talk with me anymore.”

I had pulled her in my arms. “I am there for you Safina. But still if you think you don’t have friends, there are two special things you can do. First, write stories. You will have a big family there, lots of friends. Second, create tunes for the words you write. Those tunes will give life to your friends. They will never leave you.”

I was repeating Jenny’s words. Every time I tried to provoke her to confess her love for me, she diverted the topic. She was an expert in closing the topic. She wall full of inspiration though.

I gifted Safina a keyboard on her thirteenth birthday. She had kissed me. “I love you Daddy. I had dream of having a keyboard. You are the best daddy in the world.” She played it for the whole day and kept playing till late night.

Safina had a dream of taking out an album. At age of 16, her album was out. She gave music to a famous voice.
I was adding some rocks in my Rock Garden. “Dad! You are doing geology whole day. Stop it now.”

“Passion drives man onward. I am full of passion. Your dad is still not old.” I turned towards her after adding Quartzite to the left corner of the garden.

We walk towards the bench near the garden.
“Let us talk about dreams.” Safina sighs.

I remember Jenny, her dreams, her poems. I catch Safina’s hand. “Let us.”

She begins. “What were your dreams?”

“I dreamt of being first in running race before my 7th grade sports week began. I dreamt of studying Geology when I passed my High School. I dreamt of marrying your mom when I started working as a Geologist. I then dreamt of having a daughter like you.”

“Dad, so all of your dreams are fulfilled. What next? What next after we reach our dreams? Is it over then?”

“No. I still have dreams. I still dream of many things. One of my dreams is to be preserved as a fossil after I die.
See, dreams are not over even after the death. Jenny dreamt of having a wonderful person like you who would give tunes to her poems. Her dreams are being fulfilled in her absence.”

“And what if we get lost on the way?”

“Safina, you get lost on the way only when you don’t find the things done as per your wish. You feel like a looser. Your enthusiasm gets down. In such case, you should change the way you are following but your spirit should be same. You should keep trying harder each time you fall. I wrote 101 letters to your mom before her approval.”

Safina laughs loud.

I continue. “I dreamt of finding out Ammonites during second year field work of my graduate course in Himalayas. Most of my friends accomplished in finding but I didn’t for a long time. Some of my friends stopped to search. They only walked half way in conquering their aim but I continued. Few of them were successful but they were too lazy to carry this fossil with them to our camp. In the last minutes, finally I got a big one. I was too happy that I forgot all the hardship I carried during my search. See, dreams are the biggest mysteries but they provide immense happiness after you achieve them.”

She asked, “What if people find your dreams weird?”

“Dreams are exclusively yours. No one can judge it. Safina, keep your dreams with yourself. Be silent and determined. Your success on achieving it will make your dreams loud. That is the time people will know that their thinking is weird not your dreams. Don’t take it as a competition though. Dreams die if you turn it to a competition. ”

She hugged me.

“Dad, I have a weird dream. I want you to be my dad if ever I get re-birth. And I want Jenny, you and me living together in my next life.”


~Keep dreaming…

Badal Pokharel
February 07, 2016

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