Dear, Mind Runner


Soulful bitterness of coffee :)
Soulful bitterness of coffee 🙂

The day was new like every day and the year was new like every year. I was tottering early in the morning. I didn’t drink much in the eve, just a bottle of Pinot Grigio. I kept faltering till I reached the mirror. I looked weird, clumsy but beautiful. I stretched my head to the mirror and whispered, “Why are you so beautiful Natasha?” I blushed. Natasha, the girl in the mirror, the gawky me, replied, “You are flattered by the Mind Runner.” I was nonplussed. Mind runner? Who is running in my mind? I asked my heart. I nagged my mind to find the one running all over my mind. None replied.

The feelings were so obscure like my life. I didn’t understand, sometimes I did more, sometimes I was scared. Who decides the waves of these absurdities travelling within me? I lost me. I saw the empty Pinto Gringo which was full till yesterday. My life is Pinot Grigio, empty after a moment. To fill this emptiness, I need to live in those moments again. I need to revive my heart beats to catch you, Mind Runner. I don’t know why I thought of catching you; you are already running within me. May be this was the battle between your race and my pace to catch up. I didn’t lose this fight, I surrendered.

I decided to pull you out of my mind. I boiled the water, added the coffee beans. As I took the sip, you stroked hard. It was hard indeed like the soulful bitterness of coffee beans. I enjoy this bitterness. It is playful, yet lovely just like you, placating me.  To purge the vibes you created, I turned on the music. Skid row was loud. Woke up to the sound of pouring rain…
The wind would whisper and I’d think of you…
I couldn’t stop thinking of you. I banged the music player.

Oh, Mind Runner! You have flattered me.

Dear Mind runner

Sometimes, my mind spins. I get clumsy, not knowing what’s going inside me. My heart is bemused. When it gets slow, I realize you were running in my mind. Oh Mind runner, you make me crazy.


Badal Pokharel

October 13, 2015


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