I am impervious: Dedicated to all dancers

They say I am inept in everything. I don’t protest though. I don’t want to sound high, yell at them. Their acerbic comments don’t affect me to an inch. Within I know what fascinates me. I know what I am adroit at. For them, moves of my hands are feckless. For them, waves I create with my flexible body seem madness. No, I am not mad. No, I am not clumsy. I am passionate about these moves, these waves. I am obsessive about the steps I create. I am crazy about the dance I do.

When I move my body in the beats of music, I am dragged to the world full of light, full of love, full of you. I am dragged towards you. I feel like I am contributing every small moves of my dance to you, to your love. I remember the time we drenched in the rain, you held my hand and we started dancing. There was no music, but your heart beats I could hear. Oh, those beats were so melodious, so pleasant. That was the most perfect dance I have ever had. I could feel your well-shaped body whenever you lifted me.  I kept dancing and you kept making me dance. The sky was so dazzling, yet there were no single stars. That night was the brightest one. I hope you heard my heart beats too. I wish I would dance again in the glittering night, with you.

I hate this time.  I keep craving in the reminiscence like a hungry lion craving for the prey. I abhor these senseless people who weaken my enthusiasm for dance. They torture me every time. But I won’t stop dancing. I shall when I stop breathing. Dance transforms me from a depressed human to an avid. It gives me the way to live life, in absence of you. It makes me to throw the every fight I thought of making with you. It extracts all the frustrations I am going through. It helps me give the every bit of love I wanted to give you. It inspires me to feel myself when I feel I am lost. It enlightens me with the positive vibes I had when you were with me. It takes me to a utopia, where everything is the way I want and you are with me.

Dance makes me alive. It reminds me that I breathe and I am alive. It compels me to say time and again, “I AM IMPERVIOUS.”

Badal Pokharel

September 15, 2015


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