Fear : From Badal’s Memoir

There were eight missed calls from my mom. Class was running so I had kept my cell phone in silent mode. I called back. “Rohan is kidnapped. Sonia, rush.” Mom cried.

I ran towards the road. Various things were playing on my mind. When will these acts stop? When will we be able to walk freely, in absence of fear? My eyes were wet and I was trying to stop the tears. “Taxi, Taxi!” I shouted.

Kathmandu is very mean city and so are the people. I had no clue whether I should run or take a vehicle.

“Where do you want to go?” A man with a black mask covered on his face appeared in front of me. I never talk to the unknown person. I ignored him.

“Madam, I am a taxi driver. There is my taxi.” He pointed his finger.

Kathmandu is the City of Gods. I felt God lived in Ghantaghar as well.

“New-Baneswor.” I replied fast.

“Public buses have dominated the city. It is very hard to earn bread.” He looked at me.

“Drive fast. It is urgent.” I wasn’t concentrating on him.

“You took the wrong turn.” I tried to correct the way.

“I am old to city. I know the short streets.” He convinced me.

My cell phone rang. The ring was scary. “Sonia, please don’t get on ta…” The call was disconnected. I banged mobile.

“Driver, you are taking the wrong way.” He took me towards Aasaan. He didn’t respond me. He gave me a frightening look. His eyes were full of anger, red. The taxi was in speed. I could see no one outside. There was a message alert. “Sonia, don’t get on taxi. Come on foot. I don’t want to lose my sister also.” Sareena, my sister had sent it.

I was blank completely. I could hear the demon’s laughter loudly. A dark cloud of fear surrounded me.

I closed my eyes and screamed.

“Darling are you okay?” I heard my mom’s voice. I opened my eyes and realized it was a horrible dream. Still the fear was constant. My eyes were searching Rohan. He was laughing. “Sonia, what’s wrong? Ha-ha.” I hugged my brother.

My cell phone rang. I was shaking with fear. “Mom! Where is Sareena?” I shouted.


Badal Pokharel

 Jan 7, 2012

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