WE: From Badal’s Memoir

August 14, 2015

Our constitutional process doesn’t seem to be drafted soon. We get hours of traffic jam in the road and we spend hours of our life to strike and protest for political agendas. We pretend not to see the zebra crossing. With amazing trickery we fool traffic and cross the road : our biggest achievement everyday. We rush to get seat in the micro-bus and run to get space to stand in the bus. The driver never stops for the old grand-ma, so does micro but we haven’t learnt to raise our voice except for the political issues. We hear people praising and criticizing the lately proposed constitutional matters. They make loud voices for women right and citizenship sitting on the “Reserved Women Seat No. 3/4”. At the same time, driver provides us horrifying pleasure of roller coaster with amazing speed till we reach our destination. A big road appears in front of our workplace and we again use our art to cross it from nowhere. Yes, we again accomplished the greatest challenge of fooling traffic. We finally reach our office with huge comment. “Like everyday I am late. You know the poor traffic norms, traffic jam and houseful bus.”

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