Geology Vs Girl : From Badal’s Memoir

A BIG gender gap exists in education of Science. When it comes to Geology, the situation is chronic. Walking through the tunnel, climbing the complex topography and hammering the metamorphic rocks will be MEN mostly. It’s normal for any professional organization to select boys for putting the helmet on his head and measuring the attitude of the bedding planes. But if a GIRL is thought to be doing so, it stereotypical. There are thousands of social/psychological questions/interventions to pull the ladies behind.

Being a girl and student of geology, I feel the gender differences in Geology, or say STEM, is not only the outcome of dominants but it is the switching of the opportunities, we get, by ourselves. Being unable to fight against the social conflicts/threats, we are dragged a way back. SELF AFFIRMATION is strongly essential for us to move ahead and pursue our dreams in the technical field.


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